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When it comes to tourism, the Isle of Youth is an excellent place offering multiple possibilities. Sirena and Bibijagua beaches are two of them. The fame of the latter has to do with the typical blackish coloration of its sands, owing to the erosive action of the sea beating against the marble rocks.
More than 30 immersion sites can be found in the waters surrounding the island. The international diving center of "El Colony", located in Punta Francés, is a must for the lovers of natural wonders. The underwater world of this region is characterized by coral reefs of extraordinary beauty and caves having a great diversity of marine flora and fauna species. Immersions can take place during the day or night. One can enjoy sub-aquatic photography or water sports in the facilities of the resort, which can accommodate 15 boats and offers services of fresh water, electricity, fuel, and others.
La Fe, second city in importance in the Isle of Youth, is renowned for its mineral and medicinal springs, associated to cracks in the metamorphic rocks that abound in the area.
The keys Iguana or Rosario, the mangrove-tree communities, beautiful spots with a thick vegetation over rocky hills, luxuriant palm trees, and other elements of the almost virgin nature of the island alternate along the territory to charm the amazed visitors.
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